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As the internet continues to expand, valuable medical information becomes more difficult to locate.  Our hope has been to simplify the search for information that can help our patients and educate our peers. 

We, however, understand that many great ideas come from individuals that do not have the means to implement them.  We, therefore, review many site proposals which request our support. 

If you are interested in providing any type of medical information online and need help with this endeavor, email us with a short description of your planned site and the type of support which you require.

Please note that any information that you email to us will be considered as part of the public domain.  If your email contains information requiring a confidentiality statement, DO NOT EMAIL US.  DO NOT EMAIL any information which you consider to be part of your trade secret, patentable, covered by confidentiality clauses, or you wish  not to enter into the public domain.


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