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Although we routinely review multiple proposals for Internet Sites daily, we concentrate our resources on projects which will undoubtedly influence the practice of medicine on the Internet.  Examples of such projects include:

Specialty Specific Medline Search Engine:   One of the most useful sources of information for physicians on the internet is the NLM's Medline Search Engine.  This site allows for retrieval of abstracts from a large number of medical journals.

In order to allow for specialty specific searches on the NLM's Medline database, we created a search script to take advantage of the powerful search tools available on the NLM"s search engine.  This search tool allows for keyword searches limited to a series of journals within a specialty.

This service has been extensively used in multiple subspecialties; we have received positive feedback from the physicians who have utilized the service and will continue to  update the site with the addition of other journals/specialties to the engine.

Instant Physician PageMaker: This site was designed to introduce physicians to the power of internet as a communication tool with their patients and peers.  Through this automated system, physicians can create their own Curriculum Vitale and Office Information online.  Physicians can even upload a picture to personalize their site.

The goal of this project has been to help patients better understand the credentials of their doctors and to allow physicians to create websites that they can utilize in their marketing efforts.

This service is being provided FREE of charge to certified physicians.

Orthoguide- the first Orthopaedic Specific Internet WebSite.  The mission of Orthoguide is to provide a Site where both physicians and patients can find orthopaedic relevant information. 

The search technology utilized in Orthoguide is a combination of the technology used by Yahoo and Altavista/InfoSeek.  This combination allows for both category based as well as keyword based search methods.


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